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LP article – Library launches new round of consultations


Library launches new round of consultations
 Darryl Lucke poses at Central Branch of the Regina Public Library in Regina, Sask. on Tuesday June 24, 2014. The RPL will be holding public consultations on the future of the downtown library.

Photograph by: Michael Bell, Regina Leader-Post

REGINA — Regina Public Library is launching a Take 2 of sorts for the Central Library’s revitalization, engaging residents in another round of public consultations intended to move the main branch into the 21st century.

“It’s time to go back and say ‘What do the people of Regina actually want? What’s important?’” said Regina Public Library board of directors chair Darryl Lucke.

On Wednesday, the library is launching a series of public consultations that will drag into the fall. The hope, said Lucke, is to fashion a vision for an updated library that will serve the community for the next half-century.

This visioning process couldn’t come soon enough. At 50 years old, the library is already showing its age. The windows, roof and heating system need replacing. It’s too small, and existing programming — not to mention future needs — have outgrown what space is available.

But this consultation is about a lot more than repairs.

Dialog, a Vancouver-based public engagement firm behind reinventions of the Vancouver and Calgary public libraries, has been hired to lead the public consultations.

“Central libraries help revitalize downtown areas as long as they’re designed in a way that keeps them as a destination, and as long as they look like something that people are exceptionally proud of and they become iconic,” said Ken Roberts, a consultant with Dialog who tracks global library trends.

To accomplish that task, Roberts said libraries need to not only consider esthetics but their function. In 2014, that means a strong focus on digital offerings and digital workspaces. It also entails providing more meeting and collaborative spaces, as well as appealing to the “creative side of people’s lives”: Building music, art and video rooms, for example.

The public consultations, which will involve in-person sessions such as Wednesday’s at the Central Library at 7 p.m., online surveys and mobile polling units at summertime events, will attempt to engage both current and potential library users.

Roberts said the main challenge of libraries nowadays is not the long-lamented decline of the printed book but the perception that libraries’ only purpose is to provide paperbacks.

“What we’re about is enabling discovery,” he said.

The library’s last attempt at reinvention perhaps took that multi-purpose role too far. The Cultural Centre Redevelopment Project envisioned a combined new Central Library, Globe Theatre, restaurants, stores, museum and hotel.

The Friends of Regina Public Library opposed the idea and criticized what it considered the board of director’s non-transparent approach.

“We’re cautiously optimistic that the library board is making more of an effort to communicate with the public,” said Joanne Havelock, Friends of Regina Public Library chair, of this round of consultations.

The group’s primary concern remains the preservation of the existing building. While it’s looking forward to upgrades to the current structure to meet users’ needs, Havelock said she fears the bigger the project, the more likely it becomes a public-private partnership.

The library currently has a request for proposals out for tender on the price tag of remedial work required for the building — a contract that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of entirely replacing the library. The engineering review contract will be awarded in July.

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Building reuse and conservation – film June 9, 7:30 pm

Learnings from this film would be relevant to decisions to be made about the Central Library building and other library buildings.
The film is being sponsored by the Save Our Connaught group and Clean Green Regina. To “…provide citizens with new evidence to support the view that Connaught should be renovated rather than demolished.”
Your are invited to a free viewing of The Greenest Building, a 60 minute film that promotes a better understanding of the relationship between the reuse of buildings and the conservation of natural systems that sustain life.
WHEN: MONDAY JUNE 9, 7:30 pm
Admission is free. Complementary coffee and cookies will be served. A stimulating discussion will follow the viewing.


Library budget at City Council Mon. Feb. 24 at 5:30 pm

The Regina Public Library budget goes before City Council on Monday, February 24, 2014 at 5:30 pm.

Friends of the Regina Public Library will be making a presentation based on this letter. FRPL to City re RPL budget 2014 – Feb 20 – final

Please attend the City Council meeting to show your support for Friends of the Regina Public Library and for our libraries.

The City Council meeting starts at 5:30. The Library budget is often one the first items discussed.

RPL survey – discussion of implications – Tues. Aug. 13

 Friends of the Regina Public Library will be holding a meeting to discuss:

– the RPL survey questions

– the implications of the survey for library services

– the implications of the survey for library facilities

– the implications of the survey for Central Library

– the potential for upcoming release of designs and consultations

– what about people who can’t fill in an on-line survey & timing of the survey over summer

– actions to be taken

Tuesday August 13, 2013

7:00 to 9:00 pm

Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre, 2900 – 13th Ave, Regina

The RPL Board’s survey is located at http://www.reginalibrary.ca/cld

RPL survey – input on services and buildings

RPL Survey on until August 31, 2013

The online survey is intended to give input to the Regina Public Library Board about programs, services and facilities that Central Library and the Branches provide to their patrons. http://www.reginalibrary.ca/cld/

The Friends see Central Library as more than simply another branch but as an historic provider of the Children’s Branch, Dunlop Art Gallery, Film Theatre and Prairie History Room as part of the basics of the library system.  For 51 years, these have been a valuable part of Regina’s libraries and need to be kept.  An underground parkade, or other major additional demands will likely lead to demolishment of the current heritage modernist building.

The survey doesn’t ask about keeping the current building – put ideas on this and other topics in the last question. Please fill out the survey.  Pass this on to your friends.

If you can’t do the survey on-line call the RPL (306) 777-6000 or the Friends (306) 535-9570.

Early-bird deadline for RPL lottery is June 10th, 2013

A reminder that the Early Bird deadline for the RPL Lottery is June 10th.

This year’s lottery offers cash prizes, free trips to Canadian and international locations, and valuable electronics.

Check it out at http://www.reginalibrarylottery.ca/

Proceeds from the Regina Public Library Lottery will be used for significant renovations or to replace Branch buildings.

PPP Canada Launches Fifth Call for Applications

It is still very possible that the RPL Board will apply to this fund, soon or in the future.

 ———From the P3 Canada Fund <Info@p3canada.ca>, April 15, 2013——–


Round Five to focus on projects that develop the Canadian P3 market

Ottawa, Ontario, April 15, 2013 – Today, PPP Canada launched the Round Five call for proposals for the P3 Canada Fund.

Canada has become a world leader in P3 procurement and the Government of Canada is committed to supporting the further development of the Canadian P3 market by encouraging provinces, territories, First Nations and municipalities to consider the P3 model in delivering their public infrastructure priorities. As part of this commitment, PPP Canada’s focus in Round Five will be on public infrastructure projects that promote jobs and stimulate economic growth.

“Last year, we were very encouraged by the quality and viability of the applications we received,” said John McBride, CEO of PPP Canada. “Under Round Five, we will continue to look for applications that deliver optimal Value for Money by demonstrating substantial involvement by the private sector throughout the project’s life cycle.”

Once again, PPP Canada will give priority to public infrastructure projects in the following priority areas: transportation; water/wastewater; solid waste disposal; and brownfield redevelopment of contaminated sites. In addition, PPP Canada will give priority to projects that create optimal Value for Money, taking into account the qualitative and quantitative factors, and that include long-term financing (i.e. DBFOM).

To date, the Government of Canada has announced P3 Canada Fund commitments toward 15 P3 projects across Canada, totaling over $715 million to projects with more than $3.2 billion in capital costs. Further announcements are expected in the coming months.

PPP Canada works with other levels of government to promote the effective use of P3s through P3 knowledge sharing, capacity building and the strategic use of the P3 Canada Fund. By offering advice and expertise to its clients, PPP Canada ensures proper due diligence is followed across all stages of the project development life cycle. The result is a well-structured procurement that is well planned and follows best practices ensuring transparency, fairness and competiveness.

About PPP Canada and the P3 Canada Fund

 PPP Canada has a mandate to improve and increase the delivery of public infrastructure by achieving better value, timeliness and accountability to taxpayers, through P3s.

PPP Canada acts as a leading source on P3 matters through knowledge development and sharing. In addition, the Corporation provides expertise and advice in assessing and executing P3 opportunities at the federal level as well as leveraging greater Value for Money from federal investments in provincial, territorial, municipal and First Nations infrastructure through the P3 Canada Fund.

The P3 Canada Fund is a merit based program, designed to incent the use of P3 procurement in delivering public infrastructure projects. Eligible projects can receive up to 25% of the direct cost of construction supported through non-repayable contributions, repayable contributions, loans or loan guarantees. The $1.2 billion is committed over a 5 year period starting 2009/10 and is allocated to PPP Canada on an annual basis, subject to approval by Parliament. The Government of Canada recently announced in Budget 2013 its commitment to renew the P3 Canada Fund by an additional $1.25 billion beginning in 2014.

Round Five:  Information for Applicants

To assist Round Five applicants in preparing their submissions to the P3 Canada Fund, PPP Canada has developed an Application Guide which provides detailed information of the Fund’s eligibility criteria and evaluation process and detailed instructions on how to prepare a submission. In addition, PPP Canada has created a P3 Business Case Development Guide which outlines the necessary steps to the development of a comprehensive and robust P3 business case. Project sponsors whose applications are retained for further analysis will be required to follow this Guide in preparing their Business Case for submission. Both Guides are available for download on PPP Canada’s website at www.p3canada.ca.

The application deadline is June 14, 2013 in order to be considered under Round Five. All interested applicants are encouraged to contact PPP Canada or their designated contact, identified in the Application Guide, to discuss the viability of their project before submitting an application.

PPP Canada, Attn: P3 Canada Fund, Round Five, 100 Queen Street, Suite 630, Ottawa, ON, K1P 1J9,  1-877-947-9480, pppadministration@p3canada.ca

For further information on PPP Canada and the Government of Canada P3 Canada Fund investments visit: www.p3canada.ca

 For media inquiries, contact:media@p3canada.ca or 613-947-9480/1-877-947-9480

Friends Call for Renovation Design for Central Library

NEWS RELEASE: Monday March 25, 2013

REGINA, SK — The Friends of the Regina Public Library (FRPL) are calling for a design for Central Library that is based on renovations and additions, rather than demolishing the current building.

After many months of requesting that material be made public, the Friends’ efforts were successful when the RPL Board gradually released documents related to the Central Library between October 25, 2012 and February 14, 2013. “Some of this material is more than two years old, and we don’t understand why it couldn’t have been released earlier,” said Joanne Havelock of FRPL. “However, we are glad to have it available to the public now.”

“We appreciate that considerable effort has been put into the planning documents and although the original design that came out in 2011 will not be implemented, many of the concepts will be carried forward into the next design,” said Havelock. “There are both interesting and controversial ideas in the Development Plan and the public needs time to review and understand these options.”

FRPL is asking that print copies be made available at each of the library branches.

On Sunday February 24, 2013 FRPL held a public meeting to draw attention to those reports and encourage people to examine their contents. Some key questions came forward at this meeting.

The Library Board had said that it would be holding consultations in March, 2013, but this has not occurred. FRPL would like to know when the consultations will occur and what kind of consultation process will be used. In addition to proposed phone and on-line surveys, will there be a single public meeting or a series of meetings? How will participants be able to share their views?

Participants were surprised that the Development Plan did not include an option for renovation and/or expansion of the current Central Library Building. A survey conducted by FRPL found that Regina residents were quite concerned that the building could be demolished. FRPL is asking the RPL Board to request that the architects prepare a design for renovation and expansion of the current Central Library building. From the Building Assessment report this is not only possible, but more cost-effective and would preserve the heritage of the current modern

FRPL would also like to RPL Board to clarify whether it will be submitting a new proposal to the P3 Canada Fund and whether this would be done for the June 30, 2013 deadline. The FRPL survey found that residents felt that the library building should remain publicly-owned.

FRPL will be making a presentation to the Library Board at 4:30 pm on Tuesday March 26, 2013 at the RPL Boardroom, second floor of Central Library.

Presentation to RPL Board, March 26, 2013 FRPL to RPL Board re March 26, 2013 mtg – final