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Library additions around the world

There have been many libraries that have rehabilitated and expanded their space, showing that we can also do this in Regina, preserving our heritage modernist building, while enhancing the library. These are some examples.

Moose Jaw Public Library

Winnipeg Millennium Library

The Patkau rehabilitation of the 1967 Winnipeg Centennial Library.

          Completed in 2005 for $21-million, the Patkau expansion of the Winnipeg Millennium Library added 3,700 square metres (40,000 sq ft) of new space, construction of a new fourth floor, and renovations throughout the existing 10,000-square-metre (110,000 sq ft) library.

          Awards: General’s Medal in Architecture (2008); Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal in Architecture (2007); Prairie Design Award (2006); and the Canadian Architect Award of Excellence (2004).

Edmonton Library and video   $85 million.

Renos and refurbishments in Toronto libraries

Runnymede $3.3 million expansion. 2006.Design Excellence Award  (2007)Ontario Association of Architects

Bloor/Gladstone District Library and

           “The Bloor/Gladstone Branch library project is a renovation and addition to a listed heritage library in downtown Toronto. The architects were commissioned to design for an additional 12,000 sqf, bringing the collection and facilities to a level consistent with that of a Toronto District Library. The final design includes major renovations to the existing building as well as the construction of an addition.” 2009.

Robarts Library, University of Toronto and ( add 50,000 sq ft.)

          “With ample natural light, room for 1,200 students to study in quiet or socialize in soundproofed rooms, and accessible spaces for the entire U of T community, Robarts Common is a human-centred, collaborative area. Opening in advance of the 50th anniversary of Robarts Library, Robarts Common is part of a wider revitalization of the iconic building in the heart of U of T’s downtown campus.”

OCAD University (Ontario College of Art and Design), Toronto

          Another possibility would be to build up on the west lot and partially over the current building. The addition by architect Will Alsop to the Ontario College of Art is a striking example of what could be done. Described as a flying box-on-legs” it definitely has a “buzzy vibe” (link to site -Will Alsop on 10 Years of OCAD U’s Sharp Centre for Design) .

Hamilton Central Library

          “This major renovation in downtown Hamilton rejuvenates the existing facility through the reorganisation of both program elements: the first two stories are re-clad in glazed curtain wall while an addition is placed at the northwest corner to reconfigure the main entry. The resulting transparent, glowing, horizontal slab reconnects the library to the market and to the new street edge, projecting the life and vitality of the library and market the city and its inhabitants. “

          Awards: 2014 Chicago Athenaeum International Award of Excellence, 2012 Ontario Library Association Award of Excellence, 2012 Canadian Interiors Best of Canada Award2011 OAA Award for Design Excellence, 2011 Design Exchange National Bronze Medal,2009 Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence Notable Mention.

The Morgan Library and Museum, New York

Boston Library

Beyazit State Library, Istanbul, Turkey


Watari Museum of Art, built on a 600 square meter site (about the same size as the Central Library west lot) with 6 floors giving 3600 sq. meters of space.

Statements to Library Board – citizens speak

The following have been submitted to the Regina Public Library Board for their September 27, 2022 meeting, where they propose to vote to demolish Central Library and rebuild.

Friends of the Regina Public Library FRPL to RPL Board Sept 20, 2022 – final to RPL

Florence Stratton Library Board, Central Library

Jeannie Mah RPL Board Central Library Renewal Sept 27 2022

Jim Elliott Letter to RPL Board – September 27, 2022

Jim Holmes Jim Holmes to RPL Board Sept 27, 2022

John Bishop John Bishop – Outreach Room – Sept. 20, 2022 – to RPL Board – rev

Lorne Beug Lorne Beug for RPL Board meeting on 27th Sept 2022

Mark Wihak MW RPL Board letter Sept 2022 3

Robin Clark Letter _ RPL Central Branch

Shawne Arzab Shawne Arzab to RPL Board Sept 20, 2022 final

Reports on Central Library now available

The reports on the future of Central Library are available on the Regina Public Library website.

Central Library Renewal overview

Central Library Renewal recent developments and reports

Central Library Reports dating back to 2009

Note that in August of 2022, 5 reports from 2010 to 2015 were listed, including the “RPL P3 Canada Fund: Round Three Application” of 2011. On September 16, 2022 sixteen reports were listed, minus the P3 Fund application. Twelve reports were made available for the first time. These reports dated back as far as 2009.

It is good to have these reports now.

But why were these reports not made available to the public earlier on?

Mayor supports more time to review Central Library’s future

On CBC Morning Edition this morning Mayor Masters agreed that 4 days is not enough time for the public to consider the RPL decision pending on Sept. 27 to demolish the Central Library and rebuild, and at the upcoming Board meeting she would suggest more time for public review.

Please make a submission to the RPL Board by Sept. 20 for their Sept. 27th meeting to voice your views on the future of the building and the need for more time for the public to review RPL report recommendations, available on Sept. 16.

See details on how to respond in the post below.

Central teardown decision and ways to respond

The RPL presented an update about the future of Central Library to the City of Regina Executive Committee at 9 am on Wed Sept 7th. The RPL Board had looked at 7 options, but they were not shared with the public. Without obtaining public views on the options, the RPL Board decided to tear down the current Central Library and build a new one. But the RPL’s vote will not be made until their Sept. 27 Board meeting.

People can view the RPL reports about Central Library at the RPL website on Friday Sept. 16 sometime after 12 noon.

A request to make a presentation and written submissions must be in to the RPL by 12 Noon on Tuesday Sept. 20. (Please follow instructions exactly, phone the RPL if you have any doubts or questions. They are extremely strict about their rules.) Specify that you want your submission to go to all of the Board members. And specifically state that you want to make a presentation on Sept. 27th.

Presentations and letters about Central’s future

The following letters were submitted to the City of Regina Executive Committee’s meeting on September 7, 2022, where the RPL made their proposal to tear down the current Central Library building and build a new building.

FRPL news release FRPL News Release – Sept 6, 2022 final

FRPL (letter sent in, presentation made) FRPL to Regina Exec Ctte Sept 1, 2022 – final

Florence Stratton (letter sent in, presentation made) EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CENTRAL LIBRARY

Jeannie Mah  (letter sent in, presentation made) RPL + Central Library_ Sept 7, 2022

Jim Elliott  (letter sent in, presentation made) EX22-82 Jim Elliott

Shawne Arzab (letter sent in)Shawne Arzab to Regina Exec Ctte Sept 1, 2022 final

Central Library Proposal Sept 7 at City Executive Committee

The Regina Public Library Board will present its proposal about the future of Central Library at 9 am on Wed Sept 7th

Direct link to Agenda

Direct link to the PDF that contains the RPL proposal and citizen presentations

First the RPL will make its presentation, then the citizens will make their presentations. RPL presentation (pages 189 to 208).

Delegations – EX22-82 (presentations) 

• Joanne Havelock, Friends of the Regina Public Library

• Jim Elliott

• Barbara McNeil

• Florence Stratton

• Jeannie Mah

– Letters were sent in by:

  • Joanne Havelock, Friends of the Regina Public Library (pages 17 to 19),
  • Jim Elliott (page 20) plus RPL Building Assessment Report (pages 21 to 185 including RPL Modernization, Order of Magnitude Cost Estimate pages 155 to 185).
  • Shawne Arzab (pages 186-187)
  • Florence Stratton (but not included in this agenda)

You can attend the meeting in person. Or, the meeting will be broadcast through the City of Regina’s meeting portal and through Access Communications  See details on this page  (City Council meetings are usually broadcast on Access channel 7 TV, but Committee meetings are not usually broadcast on TV, so watch online or attend in person.)

In future, if you go to the City website, the link is to the meeting portal of the City of Regina. Scroll down, identify the meeting, and select Agenda, Agenda Packet, live video of the meeting, minutes, recorded video of meeting.

Also, at any time you can send in letters to the City Clerks to pass on to the Councillors, and email or phone City Councillors directly.

FRPL AGM 2021 Oct 23

FRPL AGM 1:00 pm Sat. Oct 23. Zoom and phone-in options. In-person at Access Communications Boardroom. People must be double vaccinated and wear masks. Please preregister by emailing frpl (at) or phoning or texting (306) 535-9570.

Lots of interesting updates and discussion about library services and trends, future of Central Library, FRPL future activities. Hope you can join us!

Central Library – update

Central Library will NOT be on the RPL Board’s June 22 agenda – the RPL Board is waiting for reports from the consultants. Their next regularly scheduled Board meeting is September 28. It is not know if Central Library will be on the agenda or if or when a special meeting could be called.

However, this is still a good time, before decisions are made, for people to put in some efforts to support the retention of the modernist building and ensure full public involvement in any decisions made

Please go ahead and:
– Let FRPL know your thoughts
– Email or write to the RPL Board
– Contact Regina’s Mayor and City Councillors

Please email or phone FRPL if you have an interest regarding Central Library
– Share ideas or information
– Research examples of modernist library buildings
– Assist with planning ways to inform the public
– Other suggestions …..

Central Library – June 22 Decisions

The future of Reginas modernist Central Library, may be decided at the RPL Board meeting on June 22, 2021.

A report from Colliers Project Leaders and KPMG to the RPL Board, is expected to be on the RPL Board agenda on June 22, 2021; a draft agenda will be posted on Friday June 11 at The deadline for: 1. A submission; and, 2. a request to make a presentation to the Board which must be clearly stated in your email to the Board and in your submission, would be Wednesday June 16 at 12 Noon. See the precise rules for making a submission here, which must be followed.

See more information at