Get Involved

Why is involvement in FRPL important?

FRPL and Regina residents have been successful, and the Regina Library Branches that were threatened with closure, the Dunlop Art Gallery and the Prairie History Room are still going strong! And in fact a new Prince of Wales Branch building has recently been opened by the RPL.

But there are on-going issues that continue to need attention.

Active and positive public interest and involvement with libraries helps those who make decisions about libraries understand the needs of our diverse community and provide the best service. Groups and individuals have many skills and resources that can help keep our libraries open and help them continue to develop as democratic, accessible community, literacy and cultural centres.

Go ahead and get involved!

  • Put your name on our contact list and become a member of FRPL.
  • Come out to our FRPL Board meetings – they are open to all members. 
  • Join in by helping out with our phone tree, newsletter, events.
  • Fill in our membership survey.
  • Contribute to the History Project.
  • Invite FRPL to put an article in your newsletter, make a presentation or participate in events.
  • Let us know about library-related news and events.
  • Attend planning meetings and check out website information available for changes to Library Branches.
  • Talk to Regina Public Library Board members about your support for libraries and your ideas.
  • Attend Regina Public Library Board meetings. Send us a copy if you write to the Library Board. Many good ideas come from these letters. We may want to put forward these ideas on our website or in our communications.
  • Write a letter to the editor.
  • Contact your City Councilor to let them know you support the library having an adequate mill rate to support its activities.
  • Attend the City Council meeting concerning the Library budget that is held in April each year.
  • Contact provincial and federal governments about their programs that could be supportive of libraries.
  • Speak to your neighbours and friends and let them know that we need to continue to show our enthusiasm for libraries.

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