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FRPL may be reached by email at:

FRPL E-mail

Mail for Friends of the Regina Public Library may be sent to:

2042 Garnet Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4T 2Z6

Phone: (306) 535-9570 or (306) 352-4804

History Book Project contact information:

Mail:   FRPL History Book Project
            2208 Rae Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4T 2E9
Phone: (306) 790-8528
FRPL Facebook Group. Check it out!

2 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Angela Scholefield

    Is there a program in place, where you can make monthly financial donations to the Regina Public Library?

    • Friends of the Regina Public Library supports the role of the Regina Public Library in the community, but we do not fund-raise for the RPL, the RPL does this directly for themselves. The following is based on information from the RPL Manager of Development.

      There are two ways someone can donate on a monthly basis.

      1. People can go to When completing the form they can choose the frequency of their gift: one time, annually, or monthly. They can then complete the remaining information and it will be automatically be charged to the credit card account monthly on the day the first payment is made. When the first donation is made the Development office is notified and they will be called by RPL to thank them for their support and answer any further questions they may have.

      2. Alternatively, people can also contact the Development office if they would like to arrange payment through their personal banking account. Call Wendy Blake at 306-777-6106 or email at wblake[at] Here, they will complete a donation form, provide a void cheque and the payment will be processed on the day of the month they want the deduction made. This method can also be completed with their credit card.

      All donors will receive a charitable tax receipt at the end of the year.

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