The FRPL T-shirt was developed by Joyce Clark and Jeannie Mah. It shows the FRPL logo “I Imagine More” in pink as a reminder of the “pink slips” that were threatened to library staff when three library branches, the Dunlop Art Gallery and the Prairie History Room were targeted for closure. The photo shows Marjorie Dunlop, Chief Librarian of the Regina Public Library from 1948 to 1972, standing in the ruins of the original Central Library with Architect of the new library, Yosuke Sugiyama. The original Carnegie building was demolished in June 1961, and the new library opened in December 1962.FRPL has several of our outstanding t-shirts still available in sizes large and extra large in white.

Cost is only $15.00, or get a t-shirt for only $10 when you pay your membership fee.

Miss Marjorie Dunlop, Regina Public Library Chief Librarian from 1948 to 1971, and Kiyoshi Izumi, one of the architects of the current Central Library building, examine a time capsule retrieved from the Carnegie Library after demolition in June, 1961.


© Copyright 2007-2011 Friends of the Regina Public Library

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