Modernist Central Library – why it should be preserved

An excellent display by Jeannie Mah to the Catalyst Committee about the value of the modernist Central Library Building. Modernist Central Library. J. Mah

Speaking notes for her Oct. 20, 2022 presentation to the Catalyst Committee. Notes. Modernist Central Library, for Catalyst C. J. MAH

Also Jeannie Mah’s presentation to the RPL Board on Sept. 27 RPL Board Central Library_27th Sept 2022

Our Modernist Central Library was built in 1962 after winning a city-wide plebiscite vote to spend $925,000 for a new library. Sixty years later, with neither discussion paper nor public discussion nor mention of its Heritage status, the RPL Library Board has “considered what’s best for customers and the community”, and has voted to demolish Central Library.


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