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10th Anniversary of Library Closure Announcement

It has been ten years since the past director and previous Board of the Regina Public Library announced the library closures.


Wednesday, November 26, 2003 – RPL announced closure of Prince of Wales, Connaught and Glen Elm Branches of the Library, the Dunlop Art Gallery and Prairie History Room.

Sunday, November 30, 2003 – First Friends of the Regina Public Library meeting at RPL Film Theatre.

December 5, 2003 – First FRPL public rally in front of Central Library and then march to City Hall..

December 10, 2003 – Launch of petition at the Cathedral Area Community Association. The petition requested a referendum to ask for sufficient funding to prevent the closures.

On March 5, 2004 – Petition delivered to City Hall, with 26,048 signatures

April 13, 2004 – City Council meeting for the presentation of the Library budget

April 26, 2004 – City Hall demonstration and Council meeting. Amended budget presented keeping libraries at status quo for that year

August, 2004 – New Library Board Chair, announced that all services would be maintained, pending further public consultations

September, 2004 – First FRPL AGM.



RPL survey – discussion of implications – Tues. Aug. 13

 Friends of the Regina Public Library will be holding a meeting to discuss:

– the RPL survey questions

– the implications of the survey for library services

– the implications of the survey for library facilities

– the implications of the survey for Central Library

– the potential for upcoming release of designs and consultations

– what about people who can’t fill in an on-line survey & timing of the survey over summer

– actions to be taken

Tuesday August 13, 2013

7:00 to 9:00 pm

Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre, 2900 – 13th Ave, Regina

The RPL Board’s survey is located at http://www.reginalibrary.ca/cld

RPL Survey – response neeeded soon

The Regina Public Library has an on-line survey about library services and in particular about Central Library. This will be used in planning services and for the upgrade of the current Central Library Building / demolishment of the current building and construction of a new building. And for planning future library services. All who are interested in the library are strongly urged to fill in this questionnaire by the end of August. http://www.reginalibrary.ca/cld/

Perhaps copies could be printed and given to people who don’t have access to a computer.


Presentation to RPL Board – June 25, 2013

Friends of the Regina Public Library

Presentation to the Regina Public Library Board, June 25, 2013

Friends of the Regina Public Library would like to bring forward some questions about the planning to upgrade Central Library.

1. When will the patron survey be occurring, what type of questions will it ask, how will it be conducted?

2. When will consultations be held on the Central Library? What kind of consultation process will the RPL be using? In addition to the on-line survey, will there be a single public meeting or a series of meetings? How will participants be able to share their views?

3. Will the RPL Board publicly confirm whether it is currently pursuing any options for renovating /adding on to the current library building?

4. Based on public interest that has been expressed, FRPL would like to repeat its request we would request that the architects prepare a design for renovation and expansion of the current Central Library building. From the Building Assessment report this is not only possible, but more cost-effective and would preserve the heritage of the current modernist building.

5. Is the Library Board thinking of submitting a new proposal to the P3 Canada Fund at any time? Would this be done for the June 30, 2013 deadline?

The survey done by FRPL found that there was some awareness about the plans at the time to demolish the Central Library building at Lorne and 12th Ave. and replace it with a multi-use facility containing private businesses in addition to a library. Almost 90 percent of respondents stated that they cared if the Central Library building was demolished. Ninety-nine percent said it was important to them that the Central Library building remains publicly owned. Ninety nine percent were concerned that they had not received details of plans to enter into a public private partnership. The majority of people (79%) were concerned with how the project would affect their taxes.

The Design Regina process has developed the following goals that would also support retaining the heritage of the modernist Central Library building.

Goal #1 – Conserving Heritage and Supporting Cultural Development

Conserve cultural heritage and support cultural development to enhance quality of life and strengthen community identity and cohesion.

8.1 Build partnerships and work collaboratively with community groups, other levels of government, and the private and voluntary sectors to encourage cultural development opportunities.

8.2 Collaborate with partners to encourage awareness and understanding of cultural resources and cultural heritage.

8.3 Identify, evaluate, conserve and enhance cultural heritage to improve quality of life and reinforce a sense of place.

8.4 Develop a framework of representative heritage themes that reflects our cultural identity and the diverse values of residents.

8.5 Ensure that the list of historic places recognized within the Heritage Property Register and Heritage Holding Bylaw adequately represents of the themes in the framework;

8.6 Require a cultural resource and heritage assessment to recognize historic places in new greenfield development and intensification at the City’s discretion;

8.7 Identify, and prioritize and develop locations that provide a sense of arrival and departure into significant cultural landscapes.

8.8 Refine the municipal financial incentive policies and programs to encourage the conservation of historic places.

Goal #4 – Culture and Heritage Planning

Ensure a practice of culture and heritage planning in the city.

8.15 Consider cultural resources and heritage implications in all areas of municipal planning and decision-making.

8.16 Protect, conserve and enhance historic places in accordance with the “Standards and Guidelines for Historic Places in Canada”.

This is an opportunity for the Regina Public library to make a name for itself in respecting heritage and culture to produce a design that would be well-supported in the community and we would hope that you are able to take advantage of this opportunity.

Thank you for the opportunity to make this presentation.

We would be pleased to engage in further discussion on these topics.

Early-bird deadline for RPL lottery is June 10th, 2013

A reminder that the Early Bird deadline for the RPL Lottery is June 10th.

This year’s lottery offers cash prizes, free trips to Canadian and international locations, and valuable electronics.

Check it out at http://www.reginalibrarylottery.ca/

Proceeds from the Regina Public Library Lottery will be used for significant renovations or to replace Branch buildings.

P3 Funding – CCPA Article

The article noted below highlights that the cities aren’t necessarily keen on getting the federal P3 Canada funding because of the implications of the loss of control and higher amounts for interest.  This reluctance was expressed by some City of Regina councilors when the potential PPP funding for Central Library and for the wastewater treatment plan were discussed. The councilors were not necessarily totally enthusiastic about the funding but felt that they would be seen as negligent and irresponsible by Regina taxpayers if the Library Board/City didn’t apply for the funding.

—– —-

In the April CCPA Monitor there is an article by David Macdonald entitled Flaherty’s 2013 Budget actually cuts infrastructure funding. The article notes that the recent federal budget has reduced infrastructure funding from $1.25 billion (annually) to $210 million and that the majority of the funding will not be issued for another seven years.
Apparently many cities don’t like the way the  joint public and private participation requires them to give control to the corporate partners and that long-term projects will incur more interest.

Feb. 19 – Show Your Support for Library Services

The RPL Budget will be discussed at City Council on Tuesday February 19 at 5:30 PM. At that time Council will decide to approve or not approve the Library’s request for a 2.9% mill rate increase. FRPL will be making a presentation about various aspects of the RPL budget. Your attendance will show your support for funding for library services.

RPL P3 Canada application available

In June 2011 the RPL applied to the P3 Canada (Public Private Partnership) fund for the large redevelopment of Central Library Building.  The application form has finally been made publicly available on the RPL website.  http://www.reginalibrary.ca/cld/?q=node/23 and is available on the FRPL website. Regina Public Library – Application Form with Supplementary Notes – Round 3

The RPL has since withdrawn this application from the  P3 Canada fund process, because the Masonic Temple property was not available. But it is still very useful to read it for the plans that were there, since aspects may be used in the next design for Central Library.

Is it possible that they might reapply in the future?

RPL 2013 Budget – what do you think?

RPL is asking for a 2.9% increase in its budget.

The budget is not on the City website yet, but RPL has posted it on its own website under About Us, Budget and Financial Information.


It will be discussed at the

  • Executive Committee meeting on February 13, 11:45 a.m.
  • Special Council Meeting on February 19th, 5:30 p.m.

City Council will vote to approve or not approve the mill rate increase.

To make a presentation to City Council a written submission must be made to the City Clerk’s office by by 1 pm, February 14th.

Anyone can show up at Executive Committee meetings and make presentations by signing up at the time.

FRPL would appreciate hearing any comments you have about the budget and priorities.

RPL Budget for 2013

At the RPL AGM on January 8, 2013 the RPL Board indicated that it would be asking for a 2.9% increase in its mill rate. The Library Director indicated that the main areas where the increase will be going are: technology spending including self service machines; collections especially e-books and audio books; security at the branches; programming such as “Read to Me” distributing books at hospital to parents of newborns, Aboriginal programming; increased hours at branches.

The RPL will be forwarding its budget to City Council this week and it will be available on Friday the 18th to be tabled at the January 21 meeting of Council. The RPL will not be making a presentation at that time, but will be present at a meeting of the Executive Committee to be held in January/February. The RPL budget will be discussed at City Council in February. At that time Council will decide whether to approve or not approve the RPL’s request for a 2.9% increase in its mill rate.