Responses to budget cuts

Reaction to the drastic unexpected cuts to library budgets has been widespread.

Saskatchewan Library Association media release


Saskatchewan Library Trustees Association response


CUPE media release


Journalism School article


Leader-Post article


CTV news report


Global news report


More actions to save libraries

A rally was held in Regina on March 25.

More actions to save libraries are being brought forward at the “Save Saskatchewan Libraries” website.

Suggestions include:

  • writing to your MLA
  • writing letters to the editor
  • participating in read-ins at MLA’s offices. April 7 is planned as a major day for read-ins


Also take a look at and sign up for the “Support Our Saskatchewan Libraries” Facebook group. As of March 28, less than a week after the budget cuts were announced, it already has 4,369 members!

The “Vote to Save Saskatchewan Libraries” Facebook page has information and updates about the petition to force a referendum on provincial library funding

And a Twitter address has been set up

Congratulations to all those who have worked so quickly to design the two petitions, set up the Facebook group, Facebook page and website and organize the rally!

VOTE Saskatchewan Libraries – referendum petition

The signing of this petition by at least 15% of Saskatchewan voters will legally force the provincial government to hold a referendum asking this question:

Should the Government of Saskatchewan maintain provincial funding for public libraries in Saskatchewan at least at 2016 levels, indexed for inflation?

VOTE Library Petition

Unlike the municipal elections where referendum-gathering has a time limit, there is no time limit on when the signatures have to be gathered. The sooner the better, of course.

The instructions for signing the petition are specific and need to be followed so that the petition is legally binding. Details about how the original signed copies are to be collected are in the following instructions.

VOTE Library Petition signing instructions

People can sign this petition AND the other petition (Save Sask Libraries).

Frequently Asked Questions about the referendum petition

VOTE Petition FAQs

Check out the “Vote to Save Saskatchewan Libraries” Facebook page


Save Sask Libraries Petition

This petition asks the following of the provincial government

• Renew its commitment to the invaluable programming, education opportunities, and public spaces our libraries provide across this province, and restore the $4.8 million in funding for public libraries that was cut in the 2017-2018 budget.


This petition can be filled out and given to the Opposition Party (NDP) MLA offices. See these instructions to make sure the petitions are properly filled out.

Save Sask Libraries petition instructions Mar 28, 2017

Signed pages will be put forward in the Legislature daily..

Major library funding cuts in Saskatchewan

In its recent budget the Saskatchewan government announced it will provide the following, which in fact amounts to huge budget cuts for city and regional libraries.

$3.5 million in operating funding for libraries:
– funding for Pahkisimon Nuye?áh in Northern Saskatchewan remains consistent with 2016‐17 levels at $974,000;
– the seven regional library systems will receive $2.5 million in operating funding, a decrease of $3.5 million; and,
– municipal library funding for Regina and Saskatoon Public Libraries will be eliminated, a reduction of $1.3 million.
CBC article
Province Cuts Money For Libraries
The Education Minister says that Saskatchewan has too many libraries

Prairie History Room survey

These are the questions – please go to the website to fill them out.

This survey seeks to understand today’s Prairie History Room users and their needs. The results will inform how we plan and implement future projects, and adapt to the digital age.

We would like to gain insight on how to retain our valued regular customers, while attracting newcomers interested in knowing more about our past, by creating a flexible and welcoming space.

Help us by filling out this survey. Tell us what you think could be improved and what you enjoy the most about the PHR and its specialized collection.

Your responses will be kept anonymous.

1. Is this your first visit to the Prairie History Room?


2. If this is not your first visit to the Prairie History Room, how often do you visit?

Several times a week
At least once a week
Several times a month

A few times a month
Several times a year
A few times a year

3. What brings you to the Prairie History Room? (Select all that apply)

Genealogy (Family History)

Personal interest

Academic research: high school

Academic research: post-secondary

Academic research: professional
Other (please specify)

4. What type of material(s) did you use during your visit? (Select all that apply)

City Directory



Community History

Ancestry Database

Reference Book


Other (please specify)

5. What additional services or materials would improve your experience using the Prairie History Collection? Please explain.

6. Where else do you plan on conducting your research? (Select all that apply)

City of Regina Archives

Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Research Library

Saskatchewan Legislative Library

University of Regina Archives and Special Collections
Other (please specify)

7. Did you receive assistance from library staff during your visit to the Prairie History Room?

Yes, from the Prairie History Librarian
Yes, from Reference Staff
 No, I did not know this service was provided
No, I did not require assistance

8. Additional comments:

RPL budget at Exec Cttee Oct 28

The RPL Budget will be discussed at the City of Regina Executive Committee on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at 11:45 AM at Henry Baker Hall, Main Floor, City Hall.

City of Regina’s recommendation to Executive Committee
“Regina Public Library (RPL)
The Regina Public Library promotes and supports cultural, economic, educational and recreational development in the city through collections, programs and services. Under Section 22(1) of the Public Libraries Act, the Board of the Regina Public Library is required to ask City Council for approval of the mill rate request. The 2016 Library mill rate request is 0.9594. This is a 2.0% increase over the 2015 mill rate”

The budget will then be referred to City Council meeting on December 7th.

To speak at Executive Committee, you do NOT need to send in a submission ahead of time, but simply register at the start of the meeting that you wish to speak.

Submissions/requests to speak at City Council have to be into the City Clerk’s office by 12 noon on Thursday, December 3rd.

For more details, download the Packet for the Executive Committee meeting found at…/council-com…/meeting-calendar-agenda/

The RPL budget and discussion of the past year and plans for the year ahead is on pages 20 to 38 of the packet.