RPL Budget at City Hall Dec 9

City Hall will offer its approval or disapproval of the RPL request for a 2.3% increase in its mill rate. FRPL will be making a presentation to City Council about the RPL 2020 budget on December 9, 2019 at 5:30. FRPL is first on the agenda right at 5:30. https://www.regina.ca/city-government/city-council/council-meetings/ The FRPL presentation starts on page 8 of the agenda packet. http://reginask.iqm2.com/Citizens/default.aspx Also available for download here FRPL to City re RPL budget 2020 – final

The RPL Budget was first discussed by the City at the Executive Committee meeting on November 13 http://reginask.iqm2.com/Citizens/calendar.aspx
The RPL budget starts on page 103 of the Agenda Packet for the November 13 meeting of Executive Committee  http://reginask.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=1&ID=3952&Inline=True

Public presentations will be on December 9, City Council will then meet on December 10 to handle motions relate to budget items. So the actual vote on the RPL budget mill rate request may not occur until December 10. This two day process is new to City Council this year.

May 2 – Biblio Files photos and talk

Anticipate an excellent presentation on May 2 by the editors of Biblio Files – the book about the history of Regina Public Library!


Thursday May 2nd.  12:00 to 1:00 pm.  Room 112 College Building, 2155 College Ave., Regina 

Course Fee: $5 unless otherwise stated (See note below re coupon)


Join Biblio Files editors, Susan Birley, Anne Campbell and Jeannie Mah, to learn about the past hundred years of the Regina Public Library. Discover how the Library evolved, over decades of technological and cultural shifts, to reflect the needs of the community. The RPL story, told through the voices of Chief Librarians, library workers, RPL Board and community members, will be of interest to students of women’s history, social history, cultural institutions and anyone who loves libraries.


If you haven’t been to a Thursday Forum before, there are coupons for a free entry for yourself and a friend on page 25 of the PDF.

You don’t need to pre-register, but get there a bit early to ensure a seat.

Last days for provincial library survey

NEWS RELEASE : Last days for provincial library survey

 Wednesday January 23, 2019

 REGINA, SK — Saskatchewan residents are being strongly encouraged to respond to the provincial survey on libraries. The survey will be open until January 25.

The survey offers opportunities to comment on a wide range of topics including funding, the one-card provincial library system, standards for library buildings, colocations with other services, how library boards operate and a review of The Public Libraries Act, 1996. “Indigenization” providing services on-reserve and programmes in other library locations is discussed. There is also an opportunity for people to write about their overall vision for their local library and for the provincial system as a whole.

The questionnaire is based on the Report of Saskatchewan Public Libraries Engagement comprised of meetings with library staff and trustees around the province. The report is one step in the provincial government following up on its promise to consult with the public after the province’s attempt to greatly reduce the provincial library budget in the spring of 2017 was met with widespread opposition. This support for libraries prompted the government to put its budget reduction on hold and promise public consultations.

“The questionnaire itself contains simple rankings for the importance of several issues and a space to fill in individual thoughts, so it is essentially a blank slate,” said Joanne Havelock, Chair of Friends of the Regina Public Library. “To make more sense and provide a strong response, people are advised to review the questions that were asked of the library administrators (listed in Appendix B) and the discussion of Themes in the report.”

The survey was announced on January 10, 2019 and thus was only available for 15 days, and is only available on-line.

“This is a very short window for people to hear about and respond to the survey. The survey reflects on issues concerning urban, rural and northern library users and people living on reserves, and opportunities for input should be including persons with disabilities,” stated Havelock. “It doesn’t include people who don’t have computer access. There should have been more promotion of the survey and the questions it is asking and opportunities to fill it in at library branches.”

“One of the recommendations is for a provincial library strategy”, said Havelock. “We hope that this survey is just a start in a process of the government obtaining feedback, sending draft recommendations out to the public, and getting further feedback. In addition to the survey, people are encouraged to send in their ideas to their library boards and to the Minister of Education.”

For more information contact:


Joanne Havelock: cell (306) 535-9570

Government of Saskatchewan “Report of Saskatchewan Public Libraries Engagement Survey” https://www.saskatchewan.ca/government/news-and-media/2019/january/10/libraries-report



FRPL presentation to RPL Board re submissions and delegations

FRPL will be making a presentation today at the Regina Public Library Board meeting citing ways to improve the Board’s policy around public input into Board meetings – 4:30 pm in the 2nd floor Boardroom at Central Library.

 The RPL Board instituted a new Submissions and Delegations policy in May 2018.

“Many of the new rules are copied from City Council and laying them out provides some clarity”, said Joanne Havelock Chair of FRPL. “FRPL has some recommendations for improving these rules.”

A key question will be how the Board handles submissions and requests for presentations that contain criticism of the Board or library operations.

Under the new policy, the topics that can be addressed are limited to items already on the Board’s agenda, limiting the opportunities for members of the public to make presentations on other emerging issues.

“Library patrons send messages to the Library Board – praise and criticism – all aimed at improving library operations. The Library Board needs to ensure that it is encouraging and not restricting public input. FRPL has tried to have respectful discussions with the RPL Board, encourage good consultation processes by the RPL and encourage public participation in opportunities to put their views forward. FRPL is encouraging dialogue between the Board and patrons on these new submissions and delegation policies so that future exchanges of ideas can be productive.”

A rally is being held at 4:00 pm at Central Library, organized by patrons concerned about their ability to have their voices heard at the Library Board.

Note that the Board meeting will start with a half hour AGM, followed by the regular January meeting agenda.

Film Theatre, Prairie History Room at RPL Board March 27

On March 27, 2018 delegations will be making presentations to the Regina Public Library Board on changes to the Film Theatre, the Prairie History Room and change management at the RPL.

The RPL Board meeting will be held at the Regent Place Branch, 331 Albert Street, Tuesday March 27 at 4:30 pm. https://www.reginalibrary.ca/locations/regent-place

Please arrive early to ensure seating is available.

RPL Board – agenda March 27, 2018 The agenda is also available at https://www.reginalibrary.ca/about/leadership/board-meetings-2018

 All the presentations are in this document RPL Board – delegations Mar 27, 2018  and also available at  https://www.reginalibrary.ca/…/files/2018-03/DELEGATIONS.PDF

There will be several statements related to the Film Theatre.


FRPL’s presentation, which is the last one in the document, contains follow-up on a number of items, and discussion of the Prairie History Room, change management at RPL and the Film Theatre.


At the RPL Board meetings, it is nice to know who is asking questions –  the photos of Board members and names of the Library Administration are on this page https://www.reginalibrary.ca/about/leadership


Please come out and support the Film Theatre and other recommendations for improvements in library services!


If you can, stay after the delegation presentations to hear Agenda items #8 and #9. The manager presentations are usually quite interesting, showing how their department is organized, recent accomplishments and future plans. For a long time FRPL has been encouraging the Library Board to have more openness and information in the public portion of their meetings, and they have responded and included these manager presentations and other discussions in the open part of the meetings.


8. Manager Presentation


9. Information Items


Want to help out FRPL? Stay and hear these presentations and take some notes and pass them along to the Friends of the Regina Public Library to share with others.

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RPL 2018 budget at City Council Feb 27, 2018

FRPL ‘s letter to City Council re the RPL budget, the mill rate increase, or lack thereof,  to be approved by City Council on Feb. 27th. FRPL to City re RPL budget 2018 – final

The RPL budget can be found here on pages 65 to 85  RPL budget 2018 pages 65 to 85



History of RPL book launch Oct 28

Biblio Files: A History of the Regina Public Library will be launched on Saturday October 28 at 3 pm at the Central Library in Regina.

Sign up here for the publisher University of Regina Press’ Facebook event page

Image may contain: text


FRPL AGM Sat Oct 21, 2017, 1:30 PM, Artful Dodger, 1631 11th Avenue. It’s been a significant year for libraries in the province. Topics include: Central Library, Prairie History Room, new Albert Library, RPL Strategic Plan, Provincial library funding, FRPL Events, History Book launch

Albert Library building for sale

As has been known for quite some time that this would happen, the Albert Library building is now up for sale, as the library functions will now move into the new Mâmawêyatitân Centre shared facility.

Here is a news article


This is the RFP with details


Library funding being restored!

After weeks of public outcry, the Sask. Party government is restoring funding to libraries in the province

Funding levels for regional and municipal libraries will be brought back to 2016-17 levels, meaning they will be getting $4.8 million beyond the $3.5 million they received in the budget when it was released on March 22.

The funding will allow the intra library loan service to continue. Libraries said that would be one of the cuts following the province’s original budget, which saw 58 per cent less funding going to them.

“Premier Wall has always said that we would be the kind of government that would admit of mistakes and then fix those mistakes,” Education Minister Don Morgan said in a statement.  “There were many necessary, difficult decisions taken in this budget, however the reductions in library funding without giving libraries the tools to meet the new challenge was as mistake.  So today I am announcing restoration of library funding as well as a consultative review with the Saskatchewan libraries and municipalities to determine the way forward in terms of what is best for library users and communities as well as what is also financially responsible.”

Funding for the Pahkisimon Nuyeáh library system in Northern Saskatchewan remains consistent with last year’s funding level at $974,000.

“The decision by Minister Morgan and Premier Wall to restore funding will ensure the continuation of the best provincial library system in Canada,” according to Sean Quinlan, Regina Public Library (RPL) Board Chair.

Morgan said in the statement the province will be working with libraries and municipalities to develop a long-term strategy for libraries. That will include a review of the laws governing libraries in the province and an effort to “find efficiencies, including options for transportation and co-location, to ensure the most effective use of available resources,” according to the press release announcing the change.