Public can listen, present at Catalyst Ctte

Reminder of this week’s meetings of the Catalyst Committee. See important articles and letters to the editor

Information on the Catalyst Committee Regina Residents Invited to Provide Input on Once-in-a-Generation Catalyst Committee Projects, October 7, 2022

Their report to Council in January 2023 will have a major influence on projects that will receive City Council support in the future.

Sessions Oct. 17 to 20, 11 am to 1 pm and 5 pm to 7 pm
AGT Lounge, enter by Northwest door at Mosaic Stadium. Use Elevator 2 to the 3rd floor.
Parking in nearby lots, bus #12

Project proponents will make first presentation of about 30 minutes.
Members of the public can make presentations, 5 to 10 minutes is suggested, but there is no set time limit. You don’t have to submit your presentation in advance. You can bring PowerPoint presentations on a USB stick.

Monday: Multi-Purpose Event Centre
Tuesday: Regina Aquatics Centre
Wednesday: Multi-Purpose Outdoor Baseball Event Centre & Synthetic Outdoor Field Project (joint presentation)
Thursday: Modernization of the Central Library

People can sent in emails / letters to the Catalyst Committee.
 For full consideration, get them in by the end of October. Email questions and submissions to with the subject line  “Catalyst Committee”.

The BEHEARD survey will be posted on the City of Regina website ( starting on October 17th.  

There is no arrangement for broadcasting the event on the internet, so no ability to make a presentation remotely or to hear what is being said.

People can create display storyboards, to be at the AGT location by Friday Oct 14 or befor 11 am on the 17th

There is no downtown location for a discussion of the downtown.


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