Actions to preserve Central Library

We would encourage the preservation of Heritage and Rehabilitation of RPL’s Central Library, a more environmental and less costly solution.

Examples of rehabilitation and additions to library buildings 

URGENT!  Express your views:

  1. Letters to the Editor in Leader Post. Send to:  250 word limit.  Name and phone number. Send to national papers.
  2. Letters, emails or phone calls to the Mayor and all City Councillors   or contact City Clerks Clerks Office will forward emails, including longer ones, PDFs, or documents with photos that don’t fit into the online form. Mayor Masters and Councillor Findura are also on the RPL Board, and voted against the RPL Board motion. Councillor Hawkins is co-chair of the Catalyst Committee. Phone numbers and contact information for City Councillors CITY COUNCILLORS CONTACT INFO – Oct. 3, 2022
  3. Letters, emails or phone calls to the RPL Board , or by post to: Regina Public Library, CEO’s Office, 2311 12th Avenue, Regina, SK S4P 3Z5
  4. Send questions and comments or comment online to programs such as CBC Morning Edition, and other local news TV and radio shows.
  5. Are you willing to be interviewed by the media – many voices make light work!
  6. Contact other groups, organizations or individuals who could help address this issue.
  7. Please forward copies of your letters to FRPL, and let us know if we have your permission to share on our website and on our Facebook page.
  8. Attend the Catalyst Committee’s public consultations, to be held in October.

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