VOTE Saskatchewan Libraries – referendum petition

The signing of this petition by at least 15% of Saskatchewan voters will legally force the provincial government to hold a referendum asking this question:

Should the Government of Saskatchewan maintain provincial funding for public libraries in Saskatchewan at least at 2016 levels, indexed for inflation?

VOTE Library Petition

Unlike the municipal elections where referendum-gathering has a time limit, there is no time limit on when the signatures have to be gathered. The sooner the better, of course.

The instructions for signing the petition are specific and need to be followed so that the petition is legally binding. Details about how the original signed copies are to be collected are in the following instructions.

VOTE Library Petition signing instructions

People can sign this petition AND the other petition (Save Sask Libraries).

Frequently Asked Questions about the referendum petition

VOTE Petition FAQs

Check out the “Vote to Save Saskatchewan Libraries” Facebook page



2 responses to “VOTE Saskatchewan Libraries – referendum petition

  1. Is there a petition I could sign at the Bothwell as this is the library I most frequent?

    • There aren’t any petitions inside the libraries in Regina. To protect the privacy and peace and quiet of library patrons the RPL has a policy of not having any kind of sales, petition-collecting or other such solicitations inside the library. Outside the library there may be people collecting petition signatures. Or you can print your own copy, get some friends to sign, and mail it to the collectors of the two petitions. The information for collecting petitions and turning them in is in the instructions for petition collectors for each petition, which is in the recent FRPL blog post about the two petitions.

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