Save Sask Libraries Petition

This petition asks the following of the provincial government

• Renew its commitment to the invaluable programming, education opportunities, and public spaces our libraries provide across this province, and restore the $4.8 million in funding for public libraries that was cut in the 2017-2018 budget.


This petition can be filled out and given to the Opposition Party (NDP) MLA offices. See these instructions to make sure the petitions are properly filled out.

Save Sask Libraries petition instructions Mar 28, 2017

Signed pages will be put forward in the Legislature daily..


2 responses to “Save Sask Libraries Petition

  1. Is there a way to donate to the cause (apart from donating to my local library of course) and is there not a way to sign the petition on-line? If not, how do we find someone with a sheet we can sign?

    • You can print your own copy of the petitions and send them in. There is a new posting that has petition collecting instructions that notes where to send them to for each of the two petitions.

      If you want to donate to FRPL then you can send a cheque to our contact address, or contact the other citizen organizations working on the library funding issue.

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