More actions to save libraries

A rally was held in Regina on March 25.

More actions to save libraries are being brought forward at the “Save Saskatchewan Libraries” website.

Suggestions include:

  • writing to your MLA
  • writing letters to the editor
  • participating in read-ins at MLA’s offices. April 7 is planned as a major day for read-ins


Also take a look at and sign up for the “Support Our Saskatchewan Libraries” Facebook group. As of March 28, less than a week after the budget cuts were announced, it already has 4,369 members!

The “Vote to Save Saskatchewan Libraries” Facebook page has information and updates about the petition to force a referendum on provincial library funding

And a Twitter address has been set up

Congratulations to all those who have worked so quickly to design the two petitions, set up the Facebook group, Facebook page and website and organize the rally!


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