May 4 – Jane’s Walk at Central Library

Central Library RPL:  Beauty + Utility

Guided by: Bernie Flaman, Florence Stratton, Martin Gourlie, Jeannie Mah, and perhaps others

Saturday, May  4th

4:00 PM, 1.5 hours, Central Library, 12th Avenue and Lorne Street, front steps

The Modernist Central Library has just celebrated its 50th birthday.   To celebrate the beauty and usefulness of this building which we love, we have gathered a few people to talk about a specific part of the architecture of Central Library that touches them, a special place within the library that they love, or a library service that they could not live without. In the spirit of  Jane’s Walk, we welcome contributions from the audience. We hope that this chorus of individual voices singing the praises of Central RPL will reinforce the importance and significance of this distinctive modernist public building in the downtown cultural and architectural landscape of Regina.  We will conclude with a 5 pm tour of the exterior of the Masonic Temple next door with one of the Masons.

More information about other Jane’s Walks in Regina



One response to “May 4 – Jane’s Walk at Central Library

  1. Joanne Havelock

    The walk around the Library was a great successs – a good turnout and excellent information presented!

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