RPL Covid response & opening of some services

Responding to the Covid crisis has been a process for the RPL, wanting to provide services but having the safety of library patrons and staff as its first priority. On March 16,  the City of Regina announced the closure of recreational facilities and the library branches. At the March 24 meeting of the RPL Board, to the FRPL representatives who attended the meeting via teleconference,  the sense was that the Board would keep staff fully employed as long as possible. To assist during the Covid crisis, on April 2, RPL began sharing computers and servers to analyze data for scientists.  In late April, the RPL extended its free Wi-Fi coverage to encompass the outside areas surrounding its branches. On May 17 it became public through the news media that the RPL was temporarily laying off 100 of its 180 staff, hopefully only for 12 weeks. The staff union and RPL management worked out an agreement about this layoff and the subsequent return to work. The RPL said it would assist people in applying for the federal CERB benefit. That brings us up to the present time, when RPL is able to provide some limited services again, as indicated in the RPL media release of June 4, 2020 …………..


RPL to offer materials returns and curbside pickup

Customers can start returning materials to four library branch locations starting Monday, June 8, and pick up materials starting Monday, June 15.

“Our community has been telling us they need new books to read and with new safety protocols, we’re happy to serve,” Sean Quinlan, Chair of the RPL Board of Directors, said. “Customers can now walk, ride, or run to these four branches and get those items they’ve been waiting for.”

There will be four locations at which materials can be picked up and returned: Central Library, George Bothwell Branch at Southland Mall, Sunrise Branch, and Sherwood Village Branch. These services will be available Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm, and Sunday from 1pm to 5pm. Instructions on how to return library materials are available on RPL’s website: www.reginalibrary.ca. Instructions for curbside pickup are coming soon.

Buildings will remain closed to the public – pickups will be done outside of the branch, and book drops will be unlocked at these four locations during the times listed. Further safety measures will be established for both customers and staff, including social distancing requirements, and a 72-hour waiting period before staff touch returned materials.

“We have put in place safety protocols such as social distancing and cleaning standards consistent with guidelines developed by Saskatchewan Health Authority and Canadian Urban Libraries Council (CULC),” Quinlan said. “We are doing all we can to keep everyone safe, and we ask that customers do their part too.”

Customers who would like further information are encouraged to contact us at 376-777-6000 or email  askalibrarian@reginalibrary.ca. Our hotline hours are 10:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Saturday, and 1:00 to 5:00pm on Sunday.

……….. Instructions on how to return library materials are available on RPL’s website: www.reginalibrary.ca.


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