Central Library decision June 23

The RPL Board will likely be deciding on the future of the Central Library Building at its June 23, 2020 Board meeting.

We feel that this decision should not be made at this time.

If you have comments and want to make a presentation or have your ideas put to the RPL Board, please send your letter to the RPL Board by 12:00 noon on Wednesday June 17 at therplboard@reginalibrary.ca

Meetings today are teleconferences.  If you want to make a presentation at the RPL teleconference meeting, you need to make a request.


The RPL’s draft agenda will be available on Friday June 12 at this website


Here are some points you may wish to put into your comments:

1. Who you are and what your relationship to the Regina Public Library is

2. Why you think the public needs to have an opportunity to respond to the proposed design and future of the Downtown Branch

3. Do you feel it correct to have the decision made about the future of the Downtown Branch without public input

4. What do you think the RPL Board needs to do to have a good design and something that the patrons will like and accept

5. Do you think the future branch should be a renovated branch, an expanded branch or something else

Prior to this meeting, the RPL Board developed steps for the development of the future branch.

The steps for doing something re Central Library are outlined in the attached letter sent by Jeff Barber, in response to questions from FRPL in a letter, also attached.

The report from the consultants is anticipated to be presented to the June 23, 2020 meeting of the RPL Board.

However the consultant’s report won’t be available until after the meeting, perhaps not until the meeting minutes are approved at the RPL Board meeting of September 22, 2020 and then subsequently posted to the RPL website.

Quote from attached RPL letter re steps on Central Library

Phase 1 – Project Initiation and Board Approvals:

  • Review all existing/prior studies, plans and documentation relating to the Central Library; make recommendations to RPL and, if approved by RPL, undertake or procure additional studies and reports to support the preparation of a business case for the Project and the Board’s decision-making.
  • Conduct a high-level review of branch functional operations to verify/validate the role/function of Central Library within the system.
  • Update the Central Library functional programming document and review Central Library from a city-wide perspective, taking into account RPL’s multi-location system in the context of the current population, configuration, demographics, and projected growth of the city.
  • Plan, prepare for, facilitate and report on workshops with key stakeholders, including the Board and RPL staff, as required. Plan, prepare for, facilitate and report on internal and external stakeholder, community and customer engagement activities, as required, to support the Project’s communication plan, develop support for the Project, and to obtain input and feedback on the planned spaces and services in a renewed Central Library.
  • Advise RPL regarding permitting, building code, regulatory, zoning and bylaw compliance requirements and identify strategies to address any issues (e.g. parking requirements, communication to external stakeholders). Undertake financial analysis and feasibility of various funding sources and approaches, including researching grants and borrowing options, and present funding options to support decision making.
  • Outline the logistical and financial considerations for temporary accommodation of library operations, including a plan for acquisition, renovation, moves to and from, and internal and external communications, along with an assessment of operational restrictions and impacts during the temporary relocation, as required.
  • Develop and present to the Board a business case and assist the Board to make decisions regarding the Central Library renewal project.

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