FRPL presentation to RPL April 24

FRPL made a presentation to the Regina Public Library Board on April 24, asking for information about plans for Central Branch. Covering letter  FRPL to RPL Board – April 18, 2012 – letter – final Presentation FRPL to RPL Board – April 18, 2012 – presentation – final wih addition

A letter from the Library Director dated April 17, 2012 arrived after FRPL had met the formal deadline for making a submission to the April 24 meeting. Jeff_Barber_Letter_-_April_17,_2012

FRPL commented that the information in the letter did not provide enough detail and that the information should have been provided before the Library Board proceeded with its current actions about Central Branch.

The Board did not ask any questions or make any comments on the FRPL presentation.

The following is a LeaderPost article about the presentation. “Friends of the Regina Public Library cries foul”


One response to “FRPL presentation to RPL April 24

  1. Having been to a number of RPL Board meetings, I do not think that the early start to the meeting was a deliberate attempt by the RPL Board chair to exclude members of the public from hearing the presentations, but rather perhaps an over eagerness to get the meeting started and done. The RPL Board meetings usually start at 4:30 promptly, with presentations from delegations very near the beginning of the public portion of the agenda. Members of the public are advised to arrive early to ensure seating as the number of chairs normally available in the room is limited. At the time the meeting started there were some members of the public seated in the room. There was no way of knowing how many additional people were planning to attend. The clock on the wall did read before 4:30. I presumed that the clock had the wrong time, or as presenters we could possibly have asked for a delay in the commencement of the meeting. The FRPL presentation was not long and the RPL Board did not ask any questions or engage in dialogue with the FRPL presenters. The public portion of RPL Board meetings is always short since the Board holds the majority of its discussions in private. In future it will be good for the RPL Board to ensure that the meeting starts as scheduled and meeting agendas are posted in advance, as well as ensuring timely posting of meeting minutes on the website.

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