Mar 13 7 PM – Central Branch – Important Meeting

Updated Mar 5, 2012

FRPL is holding an important meeting on Tuesday March 13, 2012 at 7:00 pm. at the RPL Film Theatre, Central Branch

Plans have been under development for a long time for potential upgrades to Central Branch, but there hasn’t been public consultation since August 2009. Some information was contained in the proposal to City Council for the Cultural Centre concept application to the P3 Canada fund in June 2011 .  Just prior to that the Surprisebrary concept pictures were accidentally released by an architect in April of 2011.  The Library Board has said for two years that it is looking at many options, contacting partners, etc., and that public consultation would be held “soon”.

But the concern is that the Board is going ahead with steps such as negotiating with the Masons for the purchase of the Masonic Temple and land without public discussion of the need for such a purchase.

Also, in retrospect, there should have been full public discussion before the Cultural Centre concept was approved by City Council for the P3 Canada funding, even if it was only a concept.

Members of the public are concerned about the potential loss of both the Masonic Temple and the Central Branch buildings which are heritage buildings.

Members of the public are concerned about defining the important needs of the library for providing library services.

Members of the public are concerned about the costs and the eventual ownership of a large development. Would it be owned by the public or privately-owned by a development company?

The public has little information and many questions. The meeting on March 13 is being held to share the information that is publicly available and ask questions.

It is important that the Library Board provide more information so that financial and other decisions are not going ahead without public knowledge, understanding and support.

Please attend the meeting on March 13!


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  1. “Meeting addresses concerns about upgrades to Regina’s Central Library”

    By Kerry Benjoe, Leader-Post March 13, 2012

    Read more:

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