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City’s P3 Policy

On March 21, 2012 FRPL made a presentation¬† to the City’s Executive Committee and then to City Council on March 26 expressing concerns about a new procurement policy for public-private partnerships.

The City’s Policy cr12-30 – City’s P3 purchasing policy

FRPL letter de12-27 – FRPL – purchasing policy

CUPE Saskatchewan Division presentation de12-26 CUPE presentation – purchasing policy

CUPE locals 7 & 21 presentation cupe7-21-brief – purchasing policy

City decisions cc0326-public-decisions – March 26, 2012

LeaderPost article “P3 funding alternative approved” http://www.leaderpost.com/news/funding+alternative+approved/6370168/story.html

Prairie Dog article “P3 or not P3?” http://www.prairiedogmag.com/archive/?id=1185