FRPL presentation to RPL Board re submissions and delegations

FRPL will be making a presentation today at the Regina Public Library Board meeting citing ways to improve the Board’s policy around public input into Board meetings – 4:30 pm in the 2nd floor Boardroom at Central Library.

 The RPL Board instituted a new Submissions and Delegations policy in May 2018.

“Many of the new rules are copied from City Council and laying them out provides some clarity”, said Joanne Havelock Chair of FRPL. “FRPL has some recommendations for improving these rules.”

A key question will be how the Board handles submissions and requests for presentations that contain criticism of the Board or library operations.

Under the new policy, the topics that can be addressed are limited to items already on the Board’s agenda, limiting the opportunities for members of the public to make presentations on other emerging issues.

“Library patrons send messages to the Library Board – praise and criticism – all aimed at improving library operations. The Library Board needs to ensure that it is encouraging and not restricting public input. FRPL has tried to have respectful discussions with the RPL Board, encourage good consultation processes by the RPL and encourage public participation in opportunities to put their views forward. FRPL is encouraging dialogue between the Board and patrons on these new submissions and delegation policies so that future exchanges of ideas can be productive.”

A rally is being held at 4:00 pm at Central Library, organized by patrons concerned about their ability to have their voices heard at the Library Board.

Note that the Board meeting will start with a half hour AGM, followed by the regular January meeting agenda.


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