Prairie History Room survey

These are the questions – please go to the website to fill them out.

This survey seeks to understand today’s Prairie History Room users and their needs. The results will inform how we plan and implement future projects, and adapt to the digital age.

We would like to gain insight on how to retain our valued regular customers, while attracting newcomers interested in knowing more about our past, by creating a flexible and welcoming space.

Help us by filling out this survey. Tell us what you think could be improved and what you enjoy the most about the PHR and its specialized collection.

Your responses will be kept anonymous.

1. Is this your first visit to the Prairie History Room?


2. If this is not your first visit to the Prairie History Room, how often do you visit?

Several times a week
At least once a week
Several times a month

A few times a month
Several times a year
A few times a year

3. What brings you to the Prairie History Room? (Select all that apply)

Genealogy (Family History)

Personal interest

Academic research: high school

Academic research: post-secondary

Academic research: professional
Other (please specify)

4. What type of material(s) did you use during your visit? (Select all that apply)

City Directory



Community History

Ancestry Database

Reference Book


Other (please specify)

5. What additional services or materials would improve your experience using the Prairie History Collection? Please explain.

6. Where else do you plan on conducting your research? (Select all that apply)

City of Regina Archives

Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Genealogical Society Research Library

Saskatchewan Legislative Library

University of Regina Archives and Special Collections
Other (please specify)

7. Did you receive assistance from library staff during your visit to the Prairie History Room?

Yes, from the Prairie History Librarian
Yes, from Reference Staff
 No, I did not know this service was provided
No, I did not require assistance

8. Additional comments:


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