RPL response re Central Library

The attached is the response received on April 4, 2013 by FRPL to the questions raised concerning Central Library at the March 26, 2013 RPL Board meeting. Response to FRPL 20130405

Note that:

– it appears that RPL already has a city-wide (telephone?) survey underway

– an on-line survey is forthcoming

– once there is a plan for Central  (which means the plan is already formulated) there will be a series of public meetings or information sessions

– these will likely occur in “late spring” (May or June?)

– a single print copy of the reports related to Central  will be made available. If there are enough requests for the reports they will print additional copies

– they say “it is imposible to say” if they will be applying again to the P3 Canada fund (interpretation:they are still thinking of applying)


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