RPL Budget for 2013

At the RPL AGM on January 8, 2013 the RPL Board indicated that it would be asking for a 2.9% increase in its mill rate. The Library Director indicated that the main areas where the increase will be going are: technology spending including self service machines; collections especially e-books and audio books; security at the branches; programming such as “Read to Me” distributing books at hospital to parents of newborns, Aboriginal programming; increased hours at branches.

The RPL will be forwarding its budget to City Council this week and it will be available on Friday the 18th to be tabled at the January 21 meeting of Council. The RPL will not be making a presentation at that time, but will be present at a meeting of the Executive Committee to be held in January/February. The RPL budget will be discussed at City Council in February. At that time Council will decide whether to approve or not approve the RPL’s request for a 2.9% increase in its mill rate.


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